South Florida lifeguards brave cold temperatures in Delray Beach, patrolling shores for danger

Lifeguards were layered up, ready to save lives

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- - A chill might be in the air, but many people unable to dodge the cold temperatures still had to work in it.

People like Heather Irurzun, a lifeguard for the City of Delray Beach was one of those folks clocking in when it was cold outside.

"We just wear a lot of heavy clothing. Boots and try to stay warm. Coffee," said Irurzun.

Armed with her Ugg boots, Irurzun was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Her swimsuit was somewhere under all those layers as she still has to jump in the water for each potential scare.

"It's invigorating that's to say the least you know. It wakes you up, that's for sure," said Irurzun.

But when the mercury take a dive at the beach, so does the beach population.

Irurzun said it is a much need break from what has been a bust last few months.

"It's good down time. A little bit. We never can let our guard down all the way. You know we always have to be alert to anything that can happen," said Irurzun.

With the chilly wind blowing in her hair, Irurzun said the weather is a nice change. She has done her job long enough in Florida to know what kind of weather is right around the corner.

"Just before you know it, we'll be sweating again," said Irurzun.

Lifeguards in Delray Beach also have wetsuits ready to go in the event the cold weather sticks around for the next few days.

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