Commissioners postpone vote on Atlantic Crossing to January 21

Will new Delray development receive the go-ahead?

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - UPDATE: Delray Beach city commissioners agreed Tuesday evening to postpone a vote on the latest downtown project, Atlantic Crossing, to January 21.


"It's a locally designated historic home," said Benita Goldstein.

Built in 1923, the Hartman House in Delray Beach has seen a lot of changes. Five years ago developers wanted to add several townhomes to the property. The Goldstein's bought the property and decided to make it a bed and breakfast instead.

"We preferred to keep the residential quality," said Goldstein.

A quality Benita says is threatened by the $200 million dollar Atlantic Crossing project that would replace several office buildings and a shopping plaza with condos, offices, restaurants and stores.

"Better than what we have here today, really a semi-blighted area," said developer Bill Morris.

The issue? Traffic. More than a hundred concerned neighbors donated money to have an independent engineer conduct a traffic study. They say the development will add too much congestion and pose a safety issue for pedestrians

"People that are here just want to feel they can enjoy their home," said Goldstein.

Developer Bill Morris says they have tried to please the citizens group in every way. Morris says there will be five hundred parking spaces available for the public alone and the project will generate about six million dollars a year in spending.

"Hopefully [tonight] move forward and get going with the project," said Morris.



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