Shaneike Clark: Delray Beach mother wants justice for Kerianna Mosley killed by hit-and-run driver

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - A mother is grieving after losing her only daughter after she was hit by a car and killed Friday evening.

Kerianna Mosley, 2, was hit and killed in the Delray Shores neighborhood in Delray Beach. The driver never stopped.

Now, her mother, Shaneike Clark, wants that driver to face some kind of punishment for not stopping to help.

Family of the young girl said they were outside when the wreck happened and saw a car speeding down the road, then briefly veer into the yard where the girl was standing.

Family members created a memorial where the crash occurred.

"You took her only child, her only princess she had," said cousin Audra Gammage.

Grandmother Anna Clark was right across the street when the accident happened.

"I jumped up, ran and came over here and just laid beside her," Clark said.

The girl's family said they tried giving her CPR before paramedics arrived. Meanwhile, other family members tried to chase the driver down.

"He's an animal. He should have at least come back," Clark said.

Delray Beach police said the driver did come back eventually and is cooperating with the investigation.

However, that means little to the girl's mom, missing her only child, missing "just the conversations."

Audra Clark said, "She's a princess, everybody loved her. She always laughed and danced."

"She had the most beautiful hair," Gammage said.

Now, the child's family is trying to put their anger aside, and help the girl's mother find some peace.

"I just want justice for my daughter," Shaneike Clark said.

Police said they did not order a toxicology report because the driver did not seem to be impaired.

The investigation is ongoing, but at this point, the driver is not facing any charges.

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