Rebecca Gosnell: Woman says she was held hostage over phone while scam artists raid bank account

Delray woman scammed out of thousands over phone

DELRAY BEACH, FL - Rebecca Gosnell was at work last Tuesday around 10:30 when her phone rang.

The caller said her husband had been in a car crash.

"Of course I freaked out," she said.

The caller said they weren't bringing him to the hospital unless she wired money to an account in San Juan.

"Sell your truck, rob a store. Otherwise, we're gonna kill him," Gosnell recalled. "That's all I could think of, was him dying because I didn't try."

She left work and started driving.

"He said if you hang up, or we get disconnected, he's dead," Gosnell said.

She made ten stops. ATMs, Western Unions, grocery stores.

She wired $2,700.

All the while, they insisted she speak out loud.

"I ended up reading a book on dream meanings, out loud, for an hour and a half," Gosnell said.

At one point, the call dropped.

"I then texted my husband, 'I'm sorry. The calls kept dropping. I'm sorry.' They never called back. I thought he was dead, " she recalled.

Artie was in a work meeting, unaware.

"A very sick individual would do this. People who don't think about other people's lives," he said.

After six hours of hell, she called 911.

Police found her husband safe in West Palm Beach.

"As soon as the phone rang and it was him, I lost it, I started crying and bawling, I couldn't breathe," said Gosnell.

She says she is telling her story to warn people out there that scam artists are getting more and more aggressive.

Deputies tell us they are investigating whether this scam is tied to a half dozen others throughout the county.

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