Rashad and Tashad Gardenhire: Twins make it to X-Factor stage, hit stumbling block along the way

Brothers find a way despite challenging childhood

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Finding harmony in a song comes second nature for twin brothers Rashad and Tashad Gardenhire. It was life that was troubling. 

In and out of the foster care system, the 20-year-olds were homeless just last year.

"I said don't worry, we're gonna get through this, we have to get through this," said Tashad.

Months later, the two were auditioning for the X-Factor.

A familiar face, Tashad's third grade teacher, helped them get there.

"My husband wanted to do it and so did I. He said 'you always loved these boys, they need help. Let's make sure they have the opportunity to go on the X-Factor, not get in trouble out on the streets,' " said Judy McMahon, who now teaches music at Banyan Elementary School.

The boys went on the show and got unanimous approval from the four judges. But a problem from their past held them back. 

X-Factor did a background check and found Rashad had unpaid traffic tickets, enough of a record to keep them off the show.

"We were at square one again, with the X-Factor we had all our eggs in one basket," said Tashad.

"It was hard, they were crushed. But they always say feet forward, head up," said McMahon.

Days later, the Delray Beach Arts Garage called them up and offered them an opportunity to perform. Never mind the size of the stage, the boys were elated.

"It's a stage," Rashad and Tashad said at the same time. "When I saw it I said, I want to be on that stage," said Tashad.

"I think they're happier now, they're building a life and doing music day in and day out," said McMahon.

The twins are headlining their first concert Thursday night at the Arts Garage. A performance right where they want to be, in the city they grew up in.

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