Pine TrailsSouth neighborhood flooded near Military and Atlantic due to heavy rains

A drainage pipe needs to be replaced

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - >> Special Section: South Florida Flooding

More than 40 homeowners in the Pine Trails South neighborhood in Delray Beach near Atlantic Avenue and Military Trail woke up to their neighborhood underwater.

The entire street was flooded, with water coming up to people's front doors.  Dozens of cars had water coming up to the car seats.

"We never pictured this," said homeowner Elizabeth Acosta.  "This is incredible," she said.

By the afternoon, the water started to recede, but the damage had already been done.

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A member of the homeowner's association said, they've had problems with the sewers draining properly.  But, pointed to an even larger problem caused by the homeowners themselves.  The board member said a drainage pipe needs to be replaced that drains the water to a reserve area and many residents haven't paid the HOA fees to get the problem fixed.

"Its not pushing the water out as fast as it should be," said Acosta.  "Some of the tenants don't want to pay their 60 dollar a year dues," she said.

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