Local Palm Beach County Fire Rescue paramedics witness car crash, spring into action

This is one in a series of reports on individuals in the community singled out for their courage or heroism. They will be honored October 24 at an American Red Cross fundraiser.
Palm Beach County Firefighters and paramedics are always on the go. It's a job that tested their skill last spring. As the team was on the way to the hospital with a patient who fell down, a three car crash occurred in front of them.
"We heard it and we new something was bad out there," said Ryan Gornall.
From their extensive training they were able to fight a car fire, while pulling out an unconscious driver  and directing traffic at a busy intersection in suburban Delray Beach.
"It was time to go to work, and that's what we do. When stuff hits the fan we have to go to work," said Bryan Dittmer.
They all played their roles, just as they were taught  in training. And in the end, everybody survived.
"Of course it's heartwarming, you know, you feel like you made a difference," Neal Niemczyk.
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