Lawn fungus is spreading across properties in Palm Beach County

Pest Control businesses see an increase in calls

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Robert Kick is meticulous about maintaining his lawn. So when it started turning yellow and brown, he called to have it treated.

"It started about two weeks ago, and looked burnt. I didn't realize my grass was dying," said Kick.

Hundreds of lawns in Boca Raton and  Delray Beach are suffering from lawn fungus, a disease that grows quickly when it's cold and wet.

"It's all over South Florida, it needs to stop raining and warm up," said Bob Teuchert of Boca Delray Pest Control.

Teuchert says the worst thing you can do is turn on the hose, because it needs to dry out. Don't fertilize it either. It needs to be treated with fungicide.

But on a rainy day treatment has to wait. Teuchert says several dry days need to pass before the grass is treated.

Worse case, and the most costly scenario, is when you have to cut it out and re-sod. The sod alone can cost hundreds of dollars.

"Like anything else if you want something nice, you have to stay with it," said Kick.

He hopes the treatment he had last week will save his lawn.

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