Lake Worth toddler struck by van suffering from internal bleeding, fractured skull

They were crossing Lake Worth Road

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - UPDATE: On Sept. 25, the driver of the van, Rein Kori, was issued a citation for his involvement in this case.


A Lake Worth boy was in the fight for his life on Thursday after investigators said the driver of a van hit the 14-month old and his father in the crosswalk.

Kevin Sherin said he was walking his son Craig in a stroller on Thursday trying to cross Lake Worth Road and Nassau Road.

Sherin has been released from the hospital in a wheel chair while his son is in critical condition.

Sherin said that is when a van making a left plowed into him and his son.

"Initially I thought it was the worst, because I mean his stroller was crushed. His head was actually down there on the road," said Sherin.

Unable to walk on his own, Sherin is camped out at Delray Medical Center and can only think of his son.

"Initially I thought it was the worst because I mean his stroller was crushed. His head was actually down there on the road," said Sherin.

Moments after Sherin was hit by the van, he laid on the pavement helpless and unable to move.

His son was pinned beneath the vehicle, trapped inside the stroller.

"I'm still just worried to death. I mean I'd do anything just for him to be okay. I wish I could take everything that happened to him and put it in me. Life doesn't work that way," said Sherin.

Before crossing Lake Worth Road, Sherin insists he waited for the "walk" sign to light up. He said he made it just a few steps before they were knocked to the grown.

"He can hear me and everything. I've just been apologizing to him. I mean yeah, I didn't do anything wrong. But in the end in comes down to me, it's my responsibility to protect that boy," said Sherin.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said the driver of the van has not been charged and the investigation is still open.

As Sherin sat and waited for his son to recovery, he could only think of one message to send to all drivers out on the road.

"All you got to do is pay attention to what you're doing on the road. I mean texting, looking at papers, whatever you're doing, that's just not important. Pay attention to what you're doing," said Sherin.

Doctors are set to perform a CT scan on the 14-month-old Friday morning. They will have a better understanding of the injuries after the results come back.

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