Kings Point flooding update: State, county team tours flood damaged homes

LANTANA, Fla. - Damage from recent heavy rains and flooding is receiving the attention of state and county leaders.

Wednesday morning they fanned out in the Kings Point condominium complex where water affected more than 200 condos.

The team of state and county officials are going door to door to see what type of damage the flooding rains caused.

In some homes, carpet and drywall have been ripped up or removed to avoid mold.

Many residents are living with fans inside their home to help dry their rooms.

Some want FEMA's help, but there is a threshold required before federal managers are called out.

"Federal disaster assistance is a complicated process. That's why we are going out to look at these units, to see exactly if they qualify and whether or not to bring FEMA down to look at them as well," said  Bill Johnson with Palm Beach County's Division of Emergency Operations.

The state and county team also toured parts of Lantana which was also hard hit by flood waters.

The state says it will be next week at the earliest before any decision is made as to whether a disaster declaration will be made in Palm Beach County, and whether FEMA dollars will be made available.

Homeowners like Etta Mandel, who had her wood floors ripped out after the flood, feel FEMA should come help.

"What have they got to figure out, we didn't cause this," said Mandel. "You feel helpless. "This is gonna run into big money we paid for everything that's been done. Drying it out alone cost $3,000."

In the meantime, homeowners are getting creative salvaging what they can. One man put all his important papers in the tray of the dishwasher hoping to dry them out.

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