Kings Point contractors try to work fast to dry out & repair homes damaged by several inches of rain

Seniors worry repairs won't come fast enough

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Patience is thin for seniors at Kings Point in Delray Beach. Many of them live in homes waterlogged by Friday's rains.

Myrna Barnofsky and her husband feel like they're living in a shell. Their lives packed up in boxes, on tables and couches, up off of the floor.

"We were walking in water, our feet were soaked," said Myrna.

Drenching rains left more than 200 condos inside the community swamped. Seniors sit outside their front doors hoping for repairs, as mounds of carpet and drywall pile up.

"It's getting to me, I thought I was ok, but I'm not, I can't take it," said Myrna.

Inches of water blew the outlets in the kitchen, shorting out the refrigerator.

Next door a glimmer of hope. Contractors are tearing out walls, trying to make the first floor homes livable again.

"Dirty water from the lake, once it wets the walls it'll turn into mold, people can get sick from it," said Johnny Hovanec, with 3D Environmental Industries, Inc.

Some seniors are living in hotels during the repairs. Myrna and her husband say they need to stay.

"Besides the aggravation, who has all this kind of money?" said Myrna.

It will take time and money. Crews say it will be weeks before homes are completely dried out, repaired and safe to live in again.

Flood assistance:

For residents in Kings Point needing assistance after the flood, call Ruth Rales at (561) 852-3343. Representative Irv Slossberg and his office are also available for assistance at (561) 496-5940.


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