Hannah Wintermyer organizes benefit concert for friend Hailey Kennedy in Delray Beach

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Hannah Wintermyer and Hailey Kennedy grew up together.

"She's been my friend since I was a little girl," said Wintermyer.

But a few weeks ago, Hannah learned Hailey was moving away. And not by choice.

"The day we found out she had leukemia, we drove to Palms West that night to say our goodbyes because shes leaving for St. Jude's in the morning," said Wintermyer.

Hailey, just 13, wants to be a singer when she grows up. So Hannah and her friends came up with an idea.

On Sunday, family and friends gathered at the Grand Tavern in Delray Beach for a benefit concert fundraiser in her honor. Hannah says it's amazing to see the support that grew from her idea.

"Its just so nice that so many people care, she's left a impact on all these people's lives and their all here to help," said Hannah.

Hailey's mom is with her at St. Jude's in Tennessee, but Hailey's father couldn't be more proud of the effort.

"Every day is positive and its been a blessing everything has worked out the way it has and the timing and the people, and the support from our neighborhood," said Tim Kennedy.

HOPE FOR HAILEY: link: http://www.gofundme.com/211eic

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