Frank McKinney training in 150 degree sauna for Death Valley Badwater 'ultra-marathon'

Frank McKinney to race in Death Valley

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - A Delray Beach man is putting himself through some extreme training in extreme heat.

Frank McKinney plans to push his body to the limit next week, running what is called an 'ultra-marathon' in what is likely the hottest place in the nation.

McKinney is a real estate mogul, an author, a philanthropist and an extreme heat athlete.

He is training for what is called the Badwater Ultra-Marathon in California's Death Valley desert.

He's facing 135 miles - non-stop - on pavement in blistering summer temperatures hovering over 130 degrees.

To prepare, he is 'heat training' on a treadmill inside his home inside a sauna at a steamy 150 degrees. "If I wear the wrong shoes, the gel will explode out the side," he said of the extreme heat.

This will be McKinney's 8th Death Valley Ultra-Marathon.

He is running for a cause, raising money to build houses in Haiti. "I'm walking, I'm crawling, I'm just moving toward that finish line," he said.

He and the 100 other race participants must finish the route within 48 hours or face disqualification. The race is set for July 15.

To learn more about McKinney's organization, click here.

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