Reggie Taylor Sr., slain father, gets final gift before being murdered

Slain father gets final gift before being murdered

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - With teary eyes Martha Leather grieves the loss of her cousin Alfonza Hunter just days before Christmas.

She said it is a time Alfonza looked forward to every year.

"He'd get his lawnmower walk through town with his motor running and cut people's lawns," she said. "He'd save his money so Christmas time he could go see his family."

Christmas eve morning Hunter had planned to leave to South Carolina to celebrate the holiday.

Reggie Taylor Jr. had just celebrated Christmas with his father Reggie Taylor Sr.

"He gave the kids some gifts and stuff," Reggie Jr. said. "It wasn't much like he said but it was the thought that counted."

It was the gift this son gave his father that Reggie Senior was excited about.

"Sitting outside my sister house and I gave him a jacket for Christmas and it brought a big smile to his face," Taylor Jr. said. "He showed everybody in the yard what I had got him for Christmas."

It was a leather jacket.

"He took the old jacket off and put on the leather jacket look at what my son got me for Christmas," Taylor Jr. said.

Reggie Jr. never thought that'd be the last Christmas gift he'd give his dad.

"I can't find it so I am quite sure he wore it," Reggie said. "I can not find that jacket for nothing."

Reggie Jr. thinks his father's final moments were spent in his final Christmas gift.

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