Evelyn Herlick: Knitting caps for kids with cancer

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -  93-year-old Evelyn Herlick says one of the secrets to her youth is knitting every day.

Evelyn, Priscillia, and Cathy Viner are part of a group which knits caps for kids with cancer. The group, known as the Rainberry Bay Women's Club, was started by Joan Berman.

Viner said, "Well they lose their hair when they have chemo and they are cold. And they just need something."

Joan has had to put down her knitting needles for the moment. She is undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer.

Joan said, "They don't know what brought on the cancer, and why I have it, but I know that God must be taking care of me in some way or another."

Even though Joan has been diagnosed with cancer, the ladies who knit the caps for kids with cancer, say they will continue to knit and carry on Joan's vision.

Joan said, "I want the ladies to continue knitting for the children. It's very important to me."

Over the past 10 years the ladies have made more than a thousand caps.

Cathy said, "As long as our hands are going and as long as there are children who are sick, and anyone who would like to do it, just contact us."

Yarn and monetary donations are needed. You can call 561.274.4717

Rainberry Bay Women's Club
Joan Berman
748 N.W. 29th Avenue
Unit B
Delray Beach, Fl 33445


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