Delray commissioners re-question Louie Chapman, manager candidate

Nearly every corner of Louie Chapman's twenty year run as a city manager in Connecticut - and for that matter - his life - was up for discussion.

"Some might have second-guessed about having a girlfriend who is an employee," said Chapman. "But sometimes you just have to take your love where you find it."

Chapman in the hot seat after winning approval a month ago to take over for the city's retiring manager.

Before they sign his contract, city commissioners want to clear up allegations that surfaced after their initial vote in support.

He admits to dating a current town employee, which he says is legal there. But he argued that two recently-revealed lawsuits the town lost - over other personnel matters - came with the territory.

"If (a) search found that the manager had never been named in a lawsuit, then I would tell you you had a manager who didn't work very hard," said Chapman.

City commissioners questioned him for ninety minutes, with mayor Tom Carney admitting that he even had pictures taken of a town vehicle in Connecticut Chapman was alleged to have used to help a town employee move.

Chapman said most of the concerns were unfounded and said they were revealed only by people who want him to lose a golden opportunity.

"The people who write to you say I can not stand the fact that he is going to leave and go to a better place and leave me in my misery. All the people who wrote you are miserable. Miserable, " said Chapman.

City commissioners originally picked him saying he would be a fresh voice and a competent manager of the city's finances.

A new commissioner said she didn't know how she would vote tomorrow - especially because of his relationship with a town employee.

"Most cities have laws against that, rules against that. I am a realtor and I have to abide by a higher code, which is ethics," said commissioner Christina Morrison, who was not on the board when it voted for Chapman the first time.


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