Delray Beach neighbors disagree over canal vegetation solution

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Take a boat ride with Bob Kick, from the C15 canal that separates Delray and Boca to the water behind his home, and you run right into masses of vegetation floating on the water.

"We live in such a beautiful canal," said Kick. "We're so upset to think that we can't maintain this beauty. When I come out and see this, it makes you ill."

Most of the canal is clear, but the homeowners near the blockage are so angry they've gotten 42 signatures to ask the city to build a permanent blockage across the mouth of their inlet.

"They just can't believe how bad this area is right now," said Kick. "It has been going back and forth like this for eight or nine months."

But near where the barrier would be at the mouth of the canal, there are neighbors who oppose Kick's idea.

"It is unsightly," said neighbor Ray Hernandez. "This is Florida. This is what we come for. If you buy a property, South Florida is known for beautiful waterways, open waterways, and this is an obstruction."

The Hernandez' used a red piece of fabric to illustrate what could happen to their view.

"This is a problem that they're having, but it's going to become our problem by putting this barrier here," said Hernandez.

One thing the sides agree on: petitions and appearances before city commission mean officials may step in, but disappoint their neighbors.

"Hopefully the city will work with us and straighten this thing out," said Kick.

At Tuesday night's city commission meeting, the mayor said he would consult with city staff to try and come up with compromises.

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