Delray Beach could be the next city in Palm Beach County to ban retail sales of dogs and cats

Lake Worth already has similar law

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Buying dogs and cats at pet stores in Delray Beach may soon be a thing of the past. Some city leaders are writing up a law to make those sales illegal.

"Why should dogs and cats be sold when there are 8,000 dogs being euthanized a year in Palm Beach County because they have no homes," said Mindy Farber, a resident and animal advocate.

Mindy says her biggest concern is how dogs are treated before and after they arrive at pet stores. She wants better oversight.

"The idea is to knock out the sales completely or have them under severe regulation to only sell shelter dogs," said Mindy.

Banning such sales is getting a lot of support on Facebook. People are already organizing a protest outside a prominent pet store along Atlantic Avenue. 

NewsChannel 5 tried reaching out to the owner of Waggs To Riches, where the protest is set to start at noon Saturday, but we received no response. 

City Commissioner Shelly Petrolia favors the ban.

"How I look at this is, is this fair to the animal, not the end user, but the animal," said Commissioner Petrolia.

Mindy says it should only take a few more weeks to write the law. It could go in front of city leaders as early as January. 

The city of Lake Worth enacted a similar law last year.

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