Delray Beach commissioner wants to charge for trolley ride, hopes to keep the homeless off

Can a buck clean it up?

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Can a buck clean it up?

A Delray Beach city commissioner says the free trolley ride the city gives should go the way of the subway token.

"We have seen many problems with them," said commissioner Adam Frankel. "There's been many homeless."

Frankel says a dollar would keep undesirables from abusing it. But rider Bill Byham says he's seen homeless people on the bus, but doesn't consider them a nuisance.

"My office is here, I work on the beach, construction, so I'm back and forth Monday through Friday."

Frankel is concerned the trolley service - for which local and state taxpayers have spent nearly a million dollars - is missing the mark.

The city's goal is to promote business by making it easier to get up and down Atlantic. Frankel says they should start charging a dollar to keep the homeless off.

If you look at it, there's no one riding it, and I think it is because of some of the vagrants that have been riding it up and down the street," said Frankel.

Rider Ashena Seme says Frankel's idea would hurt working people.

"I take either the  Palm Tran or bus two to get here, and then now to get more money to take this bus to get home it's too much."

It's also unclear how much support a dollar-charge would have from city commissioners. The mayor, Cary Glickstein, says charging per rider could endanger crucial Department of Transportation grants.

Frankel says his push to get the homeless off is not meant to sound crass.

"You certainly would like to help them. Just to provide air conditioned space is not the intent when we upgraded the trolleys," said Frankel.

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