Criminologist reviews exclusive video of deputy involved shooting in Delray Beach

Expert calls the shooting "justifiable"

Delray Beach, Fla. - NewsChannel 5 reviewed the video of the deputy involved shooting in suburban Delray Beach on Tuesday night with one of the nation's leading criminologists. 

Former officer George Kirkham has reviewed more than 300 officer involved shootings across the country and said despite the suspect being unarmed, he still posed a threat by lunging at deputies.

"He's a large, enraged, disturbed guy and that doesn't work and the other officer had a side gun up, which could be taken away from him," said Kirkham.

The video shows at least three deputies on scene and after reviewing the video frame by frame, Kirkham said they only had seconds to react.

"The scariest thing that could happen to an officer is having someone try to jump you," said Kirkham.  "I've had this happen to me and try to take a gun away from me, your whole life flashes in front of you," he said.

<y inclination="" having="" looked="" at="" 300="" shootings="" over="" the="" years="" and="" been="" an="" officer="" in="" near="" before="" is="" to="" give="" benefit="" of="" doubt="" from="" what="" i'm="" seeing="" right="" here,"="" he="" said.


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