Colten Cicarelli shark bite: 9-year-old boy recovering in Delray Beach after shark bite

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- A 9-year-old boy from Connecticut is waking up in Delray Medical Center this morning.

Colten Cicarelli nearly had his foot taken off by a shark.

Cicarelli was enjoying a day at a south Palm Beach County beach near Boynton Beach with his family Wednesday when the attack happened. 

While playing in the shallow surf, Colten said he felt something under his foot.

"He thought he had stepped on a rock, and luckily the shark let go of him," said plastic surgeon Anthony Dardano.

Dr. Dardano was able to successfully repair tendons in the boy's foot at Delray Medical Center.

Colten is expected to recover and will walk again, doctors said.

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