Cold temperatures welcomed sight in Delray Beach

Spring Break, cold temps bring slight boost

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Season is still going strong in Delray Beach with the sun, sand and sweaters? A recent dip in temperatures has some tourists sporting scarves.

"It's a little chilly near the water, but it beats below zero," Teresa Ricciuti, visiting from Canada.

"I think I'm already used to the Florida weather, because I'm freezing," says Betty Brillhart, visiting from Illinois.

With only a few brave souls in the water, visitors admit it is less appealing to hang out on the beach. So they're spending more time in nearby stores and restaurants.

"Sales are up 20 % over last year, so we're doing extremely well," says Steve Lieber of BurgerFi.

"I hold the dog while she goes in the shops and spends money," says Pat Halfhill.

Bathing suits and towels are sitting on the shelves, as sweatshirts are the hot item.

"We see them buying more winter stuff than summer, the sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts," says Therese Morziano, a local merchant.

Businesses say the boost is a combination of Spring Break, Easter and cooler temperatures. Either way, those from up north get a kick out of seeing locals all bundled up.

"We saw them in sweats and hoodies which is ridiculous, but I understand," says Halfhill.

Around midday the temperature was in the mid-60's in Delray Beach. A stark contrast to the upper 70's on the same day in 2012.

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