Charlie Crist won't commit to campaign but hammers Scott on jobs claim, during exclusive interview

Crist calls Scott jobs claim 'absurd'

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Charlie Crist says he gets asked to take pictures with people everywhere he goes. But are they pictures of a former governor or a candidate?

Despite rampant speculation, he won't say.

"I haven't made that decision yet," said Crist. "I am seriously thinking about it."

Republicans are treating him as if he's already in. 

Everyday, they send out an email or video they call "Cristory," in hopes of tagging him a flip-flopper, early.

"This is not a race, if I get in it, that's about the past," said Crist. "They've been doing this since I became a Democrat. None of it is surprising to me. It just encourages me that much more that I've made the right move, that I am much more comfortable being a Democrat."

He says any new Crist campaign would focus on education, the environment, and the economy. 

Rick Scott touts an unemployment rate that has dropped from 11 percent to 7.2 since he took office.

"Over the prior four years, we had lost over 832,000 jobs in the state,"  Scott says in a video that is posted to his political web site.

"I guess you have to say something," Crist responded. "So I guess that's something he's going to say, To sort of intimate that any governor is responsible for the global economic meltdown. That's pretty absurd,"

He also criticized the governor for vetoing a bill that would have given driver licenses to children of illegal immigrants. 

He says extremism has gotten the upper-hand and paints Scott as out-of-touch.

"It's nice to have somebody in any public policy position who you believe in your heart has your back, and really cares about what's happening in your life," said Crist.

He's currently working as a lawyer and says he's having a great time traveling the state. 

NewsChannel 5 asked him how much he really wanted to go back to the political battlefield, again.

"It's not a bad gig," said Crist.

There is the possibility of a primary challenge from at least one other big name, former gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink.

He says he would take any candidate seriously, and says it's too early to say whether a divisive primary would hurt the party.

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