Businesses try to take advantage of long rainy stretch with new deals

New Delray business offers rain insurance

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - This week - in all its rainy gloom - has been a nightmare for businesses. And for hair.

And for Ashley Glantz, who spent forty bucks on a special blow dry.

"Money wasted, I'm like, are you serious?!" she said.

Cloud 10 near Atlantic Ave. opened last week and they need customers.

But who's going to spend money or time on hair in this?

The hard work is gone faster than you can say "umbrella."

"We're in rainy season right now, so that was a big crush," said Cloud 10 owner Jennifer Gibson.

She's trying a rainy-day strategy.

"I figure we have insurance for everything else. Our car, health insurance, why not hair insurance?"

In hopes of convincing customers a visit won't be a waste of time or money, they're offering free return visits for anyone whose blowout gets rained on.

Glantz was cashing in on her hair insurance.

"It takes a lot of pressure off, not only my wallet, but my day," said Glantz.

Other - more-established businesses - have already figured out how to use the rain to their advantage.

"Whenever it rains, we pour," said Drew Shane of Deck 84.

As soon as a drop of rain falls - and there have been many - the price of drinks get cut in half.

"So when it starts to rain, we'll actually have guests chant at the bar, half price drinks!," said Drew.

He says they had forty-five customers at the bar for happy hour, fifteen more than their usual number of thirty.

"It brings groups of people in that might not think of coming here," said Shane.

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