Brothers to sing, raise money, to support father figure fighting cancer

Tashad and Rashad Gardenhire back on stage

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Nothing brings a smile to Judy McMahon's face like the voices of twin brothers Rashad and Tashad Gardenhire.

Judy and her husband Jim were like second parents to the twins in grade school. She taught them music, and sparked a passion that brought the boys to the stage. 

Earlier this year, the couple took the boys to live with them when they had no where else to go.

"My husband moved them in one night, he came and said they need to move out of where they're at right now," said Judy.

"Momma J and Pop's worst fear was that we'd be in the wrong place at the wrong time.... and things would go south for us," said Tashad.

As the boys moved in, Jim was diagnosed with cancer. He is about to start another year of intense and expensive treatment. Now, the boys say it is their turn to help out.

"Giving back to her is the least we can do, the least we can do," said Rashad.

"What she helped us start we're using that to repay her, it's awesome," said Tashad.

They will perform a benefit concert Sunday night at the Delray Beach Arts Garage. All the proceeds will go to Judy and Jim, or as the boys call them, Momma J and Pop. 

"We're so happy to give back to Momma J, she's done so much for us. And pop, pop too," said Rashad and Tashad.

"It's hard for me to be on this end, I'm usually the one helping, it's humbling, a humbling feeling, but I feel the love and the kindness of everyone," said Judy.

A love that like their talent, only grows over the years. 

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