Bonaire flood victims fear they're living with mold inside walls

Dozens of people displaced after recent flood

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Signs of the water than swamped Gloria Ahlman's apartment are everywhere. A foot-high water line greets you at the front door.

"I would leave sooner, but I can't afford to do it," said Ahlman. "I don't know if there's mold. I have no idea what I'm living in. It's been a disaster trying to get things back to normal."

Gloria says she can't afford to live in a hotel while repairs are gradually made, her walls dried out, but they haven't been replaced.

Her next door neighbor Sharon Holland was able to get out. She's been living with her daughter since the flood.

"It was a blessing to come here, because where else would I have gone," said Holland.

Some insurance money is making it possible for Sharon to put her house back together, but she's still sorting through the damage.

"I'm on inhalers for asthma, I have an immune deficiency. I can't afford to get sick," said Holland.

Back in apartment 103, Gloria is counting down the days until her lease ends in April. She prays she can stay healthy until then.

"I have a lung missing from lung cancer and I can't be in any kind of mold," said Ahlman.

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