Bexley Park residents fed up with moldy walls and leaky windows as they head to court

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Crumbling walls, leaky windows and mold.

Hundreds of Delray Beach residents at Bexley Park say they're the victims of a housing bust, that they're going to court demanding action from the builder they say is responsible, DR Horton. 

Homeowner Peter Anuar says rainwater has seeped into his walls and led to mold, rotting wood, and sickness.

"We've had breathing, respiratory problems we've never had in our entire lives," said Anuar.

One of America's largest builders, Texas-based D.R Horton, has built hundreds of homes across Palm Beach County and tens of thousands across the country.

They've been sued at least twice in Palm Beach County over complaints of poor construction.

At Bexley Park, the HOA has filed suit over damage to 160 homes.

They're hoping to win at least $5 million in legal fees and construction fixes that residents say they've done themselves.

"You can kind of see where I sealed up some of these lines, that's all caulking I had to do," said Anuar.

After three years, the HOA head says the lawsuit has gone nowhere because D.R. Horton has filed numerous counter motions against subcontractors who supposedly did the work.

The HOA says they're running out of money because legal fees are running tens of thousands a month.

"We're approaching hurricane season," said HOA president Mitch Katz. "All we are trying to do is get to a table to talk to DR Horton to fix, or start fixing something."

Residents say this complex, which was built in 2005, is on the verge of driving its residents out.

They say they're tired of wondering what's lurking between their walls.

"We're worried about living in this house anymore, this so-called house. We feel like it's not even a home for us anymore," said Anuar.

Numerous attempts to get a comment from DR Horton over phone and by email failed.

Their corporate office never responded.

But their local attorney said they would not comment on pending litigation.

They were expected back in court on Thursday to argue more motions.


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