$17,000 written in fraudulent checks from Delray Beach man's Bank of America account

The transactions were made in matter of hours

Delray Beach, Fla. - A Delray Beach man said someone hacked into his online Bank of America account and wrote fraudulent checks for more than $17,000 dollars.

Joe Bianco said he received a bank alert on Saturday night, notifying him his business account had less than $25 dollars.

"It has been a total nightmare," said Joe Bianco.

In a matter of hours on Saturday, Joe said someone used his information to cash six fraudulent checks in Texas. 

"So someone was actually able to walk into a Bank of America branch, cash a check and walk out with green cash," he said.

"These criminals changed my phone number, that's one thing that is very aggravating," said Bianco.  "They were able to log into my account and change my phone number so that when the teller tried to verify the check, they were not calling me."

Bianco said a similar incident happened with his account back in July.

"It's just very frightening that I don't know how to prevent it," said Bianco.

In an email, a spokesperson with Bank of America said "We're looking into this now…" and that "...we have a variety of measures in place to protect customers from unauthorized charges on their accounts."  The spokesperson did not elaborate on what those measures are.

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