Walter Tillman: Man charged with letting 14-year-old drive stolen car

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - A 14-year-old girl was pulled over in Boynton Beach shortly after taking her first drive on the interstate.

The Boynton Beach police arrested Walter Tillman, 35, after a car he and the girl were driving was stopped on NE 5th Avenue.

The teen told police that on Sunday night she was at a party in Delray Beach when Tillman asked if she wanted to go for a 'slide', which is slang for driving.

Police said Tillman drove the car around Delray Beach for a while before stopping for gas.

According to an arrest report, Tillman then asked the girl if she knew how to drive, and she said that she did.

He then asked her if she knew how to drive on the interstate.  When she said no, Tillman said that he would teach her, said the report.

Investigators said the girl drove the car onto Interstate 95 heading north to Boynton Beach.

Police said they saw the car exit I-95 and cut across all lanes of traffic.

According to officers, the tag indicated that the car had been stolen.

Tillman was arrested and charged with grand theft auto.

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