Surveillance video of $3 million heist released, victims speak

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - A "lifetime of collecting," wiped out in a matter of minutes.

The victims of a $3 million burglary heist spoke out Tuesday night, standing in the living room of the home that was knocked off over the weekend.

Their address and identities are not being revealed because police have said they are part of an ongoing investigation.

"The burglars cut the phone lines and smashed hurricane glass to get in," said the husband of the couple married nearly four-decades.

The burglary was captured on surveillance cameras the couple had installed several years ago because they had heard about a rash of problems in their Boynton Beach neighborhood.

The video shows the suspects rifling through the victims' closet.

"That was my sanctuary," said the wife. "Every piece that was stolen had a memory along with it. They were priceless."

"We have had tears and emotions all week," said her husband.

"It may have been someone who we know, or someone who knows someone who has been in here. They seemed to go right for what they wanted, " the husband said.

That's a clue police wouldn't have without surveillance video, which several neighbors say has become a necessity of homeownership.

"If I'm here and I hear something unusual, I don't have to walk outside," said neighbor Maggie Woodall.

She has a five-camera setup.

"My husband passed away a few years ago so I'm by myself, " said Woodall.

Woodall says the incident isn't necessarily a wake up call.

It's more a reminder that somebody who is determined won't stop just because there are cameras.

"Alarms, dogs, it doesn't matter," said Woodall. "They've been breaking in in this area for quite some time now."

In this case, the victims say they're disappointed the cameras didn't catch the suspects' faces more clearly.

But they also say - after watching them haul off with years of collectibles they'd hoped  to pass on to their children - that they "still have hope."

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