Three cars hit by rocks or pellets on Federal Highway in Boynton Beach, suspects escape

Police search for suspects after cars hit by rocks

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - At least three people went out for Sunday night drives only to find that someone had it in for them for no reason.

"As we were passing by the U-Haul, we heard this boom," said Audrey Leon of Boynton Beach.

Leon's daughter, Rockell Martin, 21, a Palm Beach State sports medicine major, was sitting passenger side.

"We just happened to go down Federal at the wrong time," said Martin.

A rock hit their window, inches from Martin's ear.

"The glass struck my face. Went into my eyes and cut some of my mouth," said Martin.

Police say they were in one of at least three cars hit Sunday night on Federal Highway by rocks or pellets, flung or fired from the west side of the street.

Their window and door handle were smashed.

"There's a railroad track in that area," said Leon. "It's very dark, they have nothing else to do. They gathered rocks from there, brought em out by the U-Haul, and they were flinging them at the cars."

Police searched the area afterwards but found no suspects.

Stan Hicks, a 52-year resident of the neighborhood, says he's disgusted by it.

"If I'd have known anything, seen anything, I'd have called the man myself."

Now, Leon will get her window fixed and count her blessings.

You never know what luck you'll have, even in the unluckiest of situations.

"I am thankful for the tint (on our windows). Because if the tint had not been on there, it would have come straight through," said Leon. "(My daughter) would have gotten the brunt of it."

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