Super Bowl drunk drivers: Police prepare for increase in DUI drivers on Sunday

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - With the Super Bowl just two days away, police in South Florida are preparing for an increase in drunk drivers on gameday. 

The Boynton Beach Police Department says they won't put more officers than usual on the road but expect a busy night on Sunday.

"It's one of those days of the year where people are getting together with family events or going to bars and restaurants and are getting together for this big event of a game and of course alcohol is involved," says Boynton Beach Police Officer Jose Rivera.

Rivera says people planning to drink for the Super Bowl need to have a designated driver. He also says other drivers need to keep an eye out for those who may be driving impaired.

"We can't be out there all at once catching all of those impaired drivers, so it's important that they keep their eyes aware," Rivera says.

Police urge people to call 911 if they see someone they think is under the influence behind the wheel. In Palm Beach County, people can earn $100 for reporting an arrest using the "Mobile Eyes" program.

"Mobile Eyes" pays people for successful tips that lead to DUI arrests.

Rivera works as a DUI enforcement officer in Boynton Beach. He says someone who gets busted for DUI will get a minimum of eight hours in prison, will likely pay thousands of dollars in legal fees and face a lifetime of regret.

"It's sad to say I come across (DUI arrests) all the time," Rivera says, "(The drivers are) very regretful, but they have to deal with it for the rest of their lives."

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