Ramona Ramoutar, Daniella Sinanan: Suspected mother & daughter prostitutes busted in Boynton Beach

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - A mother and daughter have been arrested in a prostitution investigation; Boynton Beach police say the two were offering a "2 for 1 special."

Ramona Ramoutar, 42 and Daniella Sinanan, 24 were arrested on Tuesday, August 6th on soliciting prostitution charges, according to police.

According to a police report the two women placed an advertisement in the adult escort section of Backpage.com.  According to the police report  the ad stated, Jazmine and Angel were waiting in Boynton Beach to "rock your world" with "2 for 1 specials."

The investigation was sparked after Boynton Beach police say they received numerous complaints from neighbors about possible illegal activity going on in their home.

A Boynton Beach traffic unit worked the investigation because the complaint was made directly to them. "It allowed officers who normally work traffic-related incidents an opportunity to focus on another facet of law enforcement," police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said in a release.

Over the course of the investigation, officers said they observed several suspected "Johns" come and go from the mother & daughter apartment. On July 18, officers stopped a suspected "John" after he left the apartment. The man admitted to officers that he paid $100 for sex with Ramoutar and Sinanan, police said.

On July 24, an undercover officer called the phone number on the Backpage.com advertisement and arranged to meet with Jazmine and Angel the following day, according to the police report.

Police say on July 25, the undercover officer went to Ramoutar and Sinanan's apartment, and was offered the "2 for 1 special" for $150.

The officer gave Ramoutar $100 and said he had to go back to his car to get the other $50. Officers then went into the apartment and arrested Ramoutar and Sinanan.

The mother & daughter duo were charged with solicitation of prostitution as well as possession of drug paraphernalia because officers say they found a glass pipe and needles in the apartment.

After their arrests the women were advised not to continue their prostitution and that Boynton Beach police will be checking up on them.

However, after a few weeks authorities said officers received  several complaints that the two women were still having sex for money out of their apartment.

An undercover officer then set up another meeting with Jazmine and Angel. A deal was made stating both the mother and daughter would have sex with the undercover officer for $160, according to the police report.

The women backed out just before the officer arrived.

Despite the cancelation, officers made contact with the suspects and arrested them.

Police say the two women admitted to "running a house ill repute and having sex for money," out of their Savannah Lakes apartment in Boynton Beach.

The mother & daughter were once again charged with solicitation of prostitution and taken to the Palm Beach County Jail.


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