Police officer saves dog stranded in canal

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Donna Van Buren spent Friday night driving around, looking frantically for her dog Skooter.

"He was nowhere," Van Buren said. "I'm looking under beds trying to find him. He was gone and I looked outside and it looked like the doors were shut and I don't know how he got out but he did get out."

She even passed out fliers throughout the neighborhood from 8 to almost 1 a.m.

"Finally around one o'clock we were exhausted and we came back in," she said.

But then after they'd given up, a call from a neighbor came into 9-1-1.

"I'm up in Leisureville and there's a dog in the water," the caller said. "He's alive, but he looks awfully weak. He's not floating, but he's in the water."

Soon after, Boynton Beach Police Officer William Muhleisen in the water and pulled out Skooter.

"I was just amazed because we went over and looked at the canal and it's very deep," Van Buren said. "We just can't imagine how he could have ever gotten out of there without officer Muhleisen's help.

Van Buren is thankful for the mystery caller and the officer and judging by 13-year-old Skooter's actions he's thankful too.

"He will not leave the front porch. He's like 'I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. I've had my scary moments leaving the property,'" Van Buren added.

I guess maybe old dogs do learn new tricks.


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