Pierre Marcelin death update: Attorney says questions remain

 The attorney for the family of the man who died at a Boynton Beach Publix distribution center says questions remain about exactly what happened.

Police are calling Thursday night's death an accident. They said Pierre's Marcelin died after running into a pallet with his fork lift.

OSHA and Publix  have launched their own investigations-- but the family's attorney says the company should be more forthcoming with information.

"What struck me as so unusual in this case is the company that employed him for 14 years did not give them the most basic level of information," said attorney Craig Goldenfarb.

Publix said they made contact with the family right after the death and sent four managers to meet with family members at the hospital.

Family members say Publix is  paying for the funeral.

Publix says they can't give more information while their internal investigation is going on.

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