Justin Wallace, kidnapped at gunpoint, speaks out

Four men charged in Boynton Beach incident

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - For Justin Wallace and his fiancee, Amy, a trip to Publix supermarket at the intersection of Hypoluxo and Congress Avenue took a frightening turn the moment he got out of his car.

"The guy reached his arms around my chest, held down my arms, threw me in a vehicle," said Wallace. "As soon as I landed in the seat, I got a gun stuck to the back of my head."

Boynton Beach police say for men - one of whom is not yet being identified - went after Wallace as his fiancee watched hopelessly from their vehicle. Investigators say the men shoved Wallace into the front passenger seat of their silver 4 door Pontiac Grand Am.

"He hit me hard with the barrel of the gun," said Wallace. "I immediately knew what it was."

Police say the suspects started driving with Wallace in tow, going through his pockets and stealing approximately $950 in cash. Wallace said he was about to bring the money into Publix to purchase a money order to pay his rent and monthly bills.

Investigators say the suspects also grabbed Wallace's drivers license, threatening him about what would happen if he called 911. "He said 'We will kill you. We now have your address and we will come for you'," said Wallace.

After traveling about a quarter mile south on Congress Avenue, the suspects pushed Wallace out of the vehicle, according to a police documents. At that point, he ran back to his fiancee and did call 911.

"I could have lost my fiance and my life would have been shattered," she said.

The couple was able to give descriptions of the suspects and their vehicle to police who scoured the area. The suspects were finally captured in Lake Worth just off Interstate 95.

"This could have ended either with me losing my life or at least being shot," said Wallace. The couple has had their money returned.

Arrested were Joel Guerrier, 21, Timothy Paige, 21, Kenson Nozifort, 20, and another male who has yet to be identified by authorities.





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