Joanne Nichols praised for saving friend's life via Facebook

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - This is one in a series of reports on individuals in the community singled out for their courage or heroism. They will be honored October 24 at an American Red Cross fundraiser.

Joanne Nichols is like many high school students. She is always keeping up with her friends via Facebook.

"I was the loud outgoing person who loved to make jokes and make friends with everybody," said Nichols.

But earlier this year, something else caught Joanne's eye when she logged on.

"I seen a picture of a girl, with a knife and talking about how she was going to commit suicide," said Nichols.

Joanne didn't take it as a joke. She called a high school secretary who then called police.

While police were responding, Joanne continued to talk with the girl online.

"It was overwhelming at first because I didn't want to say the wrong thing, and I had to be careful with what I said," said Nichols.

What she said worked.

"I felt like I had to do it because you never know what could happen, because if I didn't say anything then she would of went through with it, so I figured to take the chance and see what happens," said Nichols.

Joanne was honored by the Boynton Beach Police Department for her courage in speaking up.

But the Boynton Beach High School graduate says she hopes others will too. "If somebody needed help, I would want someone to help me, so to me it was a everyday thing, you see someone who needs help, you help them," said Nichols.


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