Investigation into bus driver's actions at Charter School of Boynton Beach

Student claims driver's reprimands went too far

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Some local parents are fuming mad after claims that a school bus driver turned off the engine and the air conditioning because of unruly students on board. Now, the Interim Headmaster at the Charter Schools of Boynton Beach is investigating what both sides are saying about the incident.

Talor Snow, 14, rides the bus to and from the Charter School of Boynton Beach each day. But Monday's ride home, she says, was different.

"Kids were sweating. Kids were yelling at the bus driver. They were saying 'I just want to get home safe'," she said. "There was a line of cars behind us honking."

Talor and her younger brother say the school bus driver, who is not yet being identified, was irate and pleading with the loud students to settle down.

The driver was so angry, Talor says, that the woman stopped the bus in the road near the intersection of 45th Street and Broadway in West Palm Beach.

"All the windows were up and she turned the whole bus off," said Talor. "No one knew where they were. We were trying to find street signs and we were all yelling 'does anyone know where we are?'."

The driver then started the engine, Talor says, and began driving - but only to stop again - near the intersection of Belvedere and Jog Roads. That is when Talor decided to call her father for help.

"It's not a good mechanism for correcting kids is not to sweat them in a box," said Evan Snow.

Mr. Snow does not want his children back on board - at least not with the same bus driver. "If I left my dog in my car with the air off and the windows up than something would be done about it. People would take action," he said. "And people should take action when it's a busload of kids."

The school says it is now thoroughly investigating exactly what happened. The Interim Headmaster at the school, Pamela Owens, said she is in the process of conducting interviews with the driver and with students. Owens say all drivers of the 11 privately-owned school buses are properly trained and certified.

The driver is not facing any charges or reprimands.

Owens says she has worked as a bus driver at the Charter School of Boynton Beach for one school year. It is unclear if the driver will be on duty during the investigation.




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