Herman Reed, Jr. arrested: Cops say Boynton Beach man engaged 16-year-old boy in sexual conversation

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - On Wednesday, February 20, an officer with the Boynton Beach Police Department took a report from a 16-year-old boy police refer to as "JG."

According to the probable cause affidavit, JG advised the officer that three months ago his iPhone wasn't working correctly and he went to a store in Boynton Beach to have the phone checked out.

JG was assisted at the store by a man that was later identified as Herman Reed, Jr.

JG informed Reed that he was 16 years old and had to contact his grandmother for the last four digits of her social security number in order to access the account.

JG says that while in the store, Reed asked him about his boyfriend and what sexual acts he has done.

Reed changed the sim card out of JG's phone and told JG to text him later on his personal cell number to verify that the phone was working properly.

JG texted Reed later that day and the conversation changed from talking about the phone to talking about sex.

Over the next couple of months, JG continued to receive multiple texts from Reed.

On February 20, JG returned to the store for phone service from someone else, but was instead helped by Reed.

JG told the officer that he felt very uncomfortable and showed him text messages that he had just received from Reed.

JG and his parents signed a consent form and placed the phone into evidence where investigators were able to download the contents of his phone and read all of his text exchanges with Reed.

The officer read texts on JG's phone from Reed stating he wanted to give JG money.

When JG asked why, Reed stated that he wanted it to be an allowance every two weeks.

On Thursday, February 21, texting resumed between Reed and the investigator posing as JG.

Reed professed his feelings and desire to kiss and make love to JG.

On Friday, February 22, Reed contacted the officer again (posing as JG), sending him pictures of himself in a bowtie and striped socks.

He stated that he got off work at 5:30 and a meeting place was arranged.

The officer observed Reed's truck at his place of business.

The next day Reed drove his truck to the meeting place.

Officers stopped his truck and took him into custody.

Reed is being charged with computer pornography child exploitation and with traveling to meet a minor to commit an unlawful sex act.

Reed admitted to the officer that he had been texting the child for several months and that some of the conversations were very sexual.

He admitted that he offered to take the child to his house to watch movies and eat pizza.

Reed stated that he understood how someone reading the text messages could think it was about having sex.

He admitted that he knew the child was 16.

Reed stated he was nervous, thinking this scenario was being orchestrated by the television show "To Catch A Predator."

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