Heather Costa arrested, police say she posed as Comcast employee to burglarize home

Boynton Beach police responded to a call of a suspicious person Saturday at 200 SW Golfview Terrace.

Several witnesses in the area described a white female wearing a black Comcast t-shirt and blue jeans going in and out of a local residence.

The officer located a tan Toyota matching the description given by witnesses and spoke with the driver, who identified herself as Meredith Altomair-Costa.

When asked what she was doing in the area, she told the officer that she was visiting a friend.

The officer met with two women who stated that Altomair-Costa had posed as a Comcast employee and entered their residences in order to see how many televisions were in their houses.

The ladies reported that Altomair-Costa walked through all the bedrooms and then just walked out the front door.

The officer returned to Altomair-Costa, read Miranda Rights to her and once again asked her why she was in the neighborhood, to which she responded that she was visiting a friend.

The officer explained that the two women complained that she entered into their apartment without permission and walked from room to room looking at their televisions.

Altomair-Costa initially stated that she worked for Comcast and was checking the apartment's internet.

When the officer stated that Comcast would be contacted to verify her employement, she stated she was a vendor and did not work for Comcast.

While speaking to Altomair-Costa, the officer noticed a red purse on the passenger seat.

Altomair-Costa claimed the purse was hers when asked and granted permission for the officer to look through the purse.

While checking the purse, the officer discovered a Florida driver's license for Heather Costa whose picture matched Altomair-Costa.

When asked why she provided a false name, Costa stated she thought she had an outstanding arrest warrant.

Costa was arrested and handcuffed.

Officers searched her and the vehicle and revealed 5 gold and diamond rings, 1 diamond earring and one gold pin in Costa's left rear pocket.

In Costa's right rear pocket, officers discovered a black beetle broach as well as a 3-inch glass tube that was burnt at one end that they believe was used to smoke crack cocaine.

One of the victims identified the jewelry as hers which had been taken from her dresser in her bedroom.

Heather Costa was charged with Burglary to an occupied dwelling, providing a false name and possession of drug paraphernalia.

She was transported to the Palm Beach County Jail.

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