Boynton Beach family seeks justice in deputy-involved shooting

Mother claims 'wrongful death' shooting

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Wrongful death or justified shooting - the question remains in the October 4th fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Camberdella.

"This has been a tough time for my family, everyone is celebrating Christmas and the new year and my family is devastated," says Linda Camberdella, Michael's mother.

Linda watched her son die, shot to death by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy William Goldstein. Sheriff's investigators say the family called 911 to the home for a domestic disturbance, and that Michael was armed with shears and a hammer. 

Attorneys for the family say when deputies arrived, witnesses confirm Michael was not armed.

"That neighbor ran to Michael's body and saw him with nothing in his hand, no weapon nearby. This was a tragic, unnecessary death," says Harry Shevin, the family attorney.

The PBSO investigation of the shooting is ongoing, which Shevin says is part of the reason the family wants to sue. They're calling for an independent investigation.

"It's like the fox guarding the hen house with the sheriff investigating his own deputy," says Shevin.

"I need this to move forward, it's been three months already and nothing has been done or said," says Linda Camberdella.

Deputy Goldstein returned to work from paid administrative leave in mid-October. He has been back on patrol since then.

Attorney's for the family have to wait six months before filing a wrongful death lawsuit, to allow time to settle out of court.

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