Annybelkis Terrero:Boynton Beach woman to be released from jail; no charges in murder-for-hire case

Family of husband worried for his well-being

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - A woman accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband will not be criminally charged.

The Palm Beach County Prosecutor's Office confirms no charged will be filed against Annybelkis Terrero.

Terrero is set to be released from the Palm Beach County jail. She's been there since her arrest on October 18, when she was first accused of trying to hire a Boynton Beach police officer to kill her husband Neil Logan.

Logan's brother tells NewsChannel 5 he is concerned for Logan's well-being, saying Terrero's release from jail will put Logan at risk.

Back in October, Boynton Beach police told us Terrero met with an undercover officer to hire him as a hit man. They say she gave him a gun and ammunition as a down payment.

Despite that evidence, the State Attorney's Office tells NewsChannel 5 it won't file charges because of "significant legal issues," and concerns of domestic violence.

The couple's petition for divorce doesn't mention possible domestic violence.

Terrero was originally facing pre-meditated attempted murder and bribery charges.

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