Vincent and Melissa Lombardo: Boca Raton couple accused of prostitution

BOCA RATON, Fla. - There are no lights on inside the 4,000 square foot home at 4876 NW 25th Way in Boca Raton.

The owners are in jail.

"When I saw them outside, they were always friendly, very protective of us because it is just my son and I here," said neighbor Debbie Wogalter.

A 34-page criminal complaint filed in New York says Vincent and Melissa Lombardo ran a website called Aphrodite Companions.

They allegedly sold access to women for hundreds of dollars an hour.

Cops say they found an email saying they needed to fly women to Miami for a party with a group of politicians, lawyers and important businessmen who wanted companions.

"Criminal activity is being perpetuated through the Internet at an exponential rate," said former Boca Raton Police Chief Andrew Scott.

Police say the Lombardos pumped up their business by listing prostitutes on a site that categorizes women by physical features and what they're willing to do sexually.

"They're no longer a human being, they're an item to be discarded or an item to make money off of," said Scott.

Police found the couple made around $1.5 million from women who gave them up to forty percent of what they made.

Police say they bought the $500,000 Boca home with the profits from their illegal business.

Neighbors say when the police showed up this week to raid the place, they couldn't have imagined this.

"I saw the police, I saw the cars, I actually called him at one point not realizing the enormity to see if he was OK because I thought something happened to him," said Wogalter.

The Lombardos have been charged with promoting prostitution and money laundering.

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