Tri County Humane Society is 2 days away from the Oklahoma adoption

Bryan Rocafort is a huge dog lover.

"I've had pets my whole life, a dog for 13 years and a dog for 15 years and they both passed away," said Rocafort.

When Rocafort heard that the Tri County Humane Society rescued 80 dogs in Oklahoma last week, he had to get his hands on one.

"If a dog needs a family, I would happy to be that family for him," said Rocafort.

Last Friday, Rocafort came across a dog at the Humane Society. One, he's fallen in love with.

"He's the sweetest dog ever I've seen in my life and we just want to take him home. I've come to visit the dog everyday since Friday," said Rocafort.

The dogs are almost ready .They had to be washed, vaccinated, and checked by a veterinarian.

"The response in the community has been phenomenal, the community has embraced us and want to adopt a Oklahoma dog," said Goldsmith

Suzi Goldsmith is the executive director of the society. She says most of the dogs will be ready by Thursday.

"It's been overwhelming but the experience has been terrific," said Goldsmith.

Goldsmith says her office has been flooded with dog lovers by the minute.

Rocafort has already named the dog 'Okie,' which stands for Oklahoma. He says he will be first in line Thursday.

"I can't wait to bring the dog home, take him to the park and exercise with him, it's just a blessing," said Rocafort.

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