Tow truck driver: No impound is worth your life

Drivers are often threatened on the job

BOCA RATON, Fla. - In a matter of seconds, Bob Schulman can have your car loaded up and towed away.

Getting in and out fast when impounding cars is his top priority, it minimizes a potential confrontation with car owners.

Schulman quickly met with his team of drivers this week to review what to do when people get upset. He's ended up in dangerous run-ins over the years.

"I had a guy who didn't want to reason, and went into his house and came out with a weapon and I immediately put the car down," said Schulman, a driver with Emergency Towing in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

Most recently Schulman says a driver threatened to beat him up if he didn't give him his money back. Schulman returned the $100 and called police.

"It was a bunch of kids, they laughed and drove away. Six miles later they were surrounded by police and they all went to jail for strong armed robbery," said Schulman.

36 year old David Herr was shot to death in Lauderdale Lakes Tuesday while trying to tow a car from an apartment complex. Schulman was shocked to hear the situation escalated so quickly.

"When someone comes out screaming, if calming them down doesn't work, don't wait until you see a weapon, put the car down and move on," said Schulman.

He reiterated to his drivers to never get into a confrontation with someone, walk away and call police.

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