Syrians react to President Barack Obama's support for military action in Syria


Many people in South Florida are reacting to President Obama's support of military involvement in Syria following the fatal chemical attacks near the city of Damascus.

Some local Syrians say they're in a tough spot. Do they want the United States to intervene in their home country or is that the only way to make it safe enough to go back?

Mahmoud Alkhuja's family owns the Damascus grocery store in Boca Raton. He says his family moved to the United States years ago, but his sister still lives in Damascus. "It's tough, I mean, she tells me there are places over there where you can't get out, you have to stay in your house," said Alkhuja.

He hears of the terror from the chemical attacks from her. "They can still kind of feel it when they go out. There's a smell. There's a bad smell," Alkhuja described.

He says the country does need help, and for now, supports President Obama urging military action in Syria.

"Anything that will help give relief to the people of Syria, I'm all or it. To be honest with you, this needed to happen a long time ago," said Alkhuja.

Other people disagree. On Saturday, protestors worked to gain support against U.S involvement in Syria.

Protestors held signs at 18 overpasses along I-95, with messages reading "less war" and "no war on Syria."

"Stay uninvolved completely until first of all, get some more evidence," said protestor  John Daley.

Alkhuja understands why some people don't want to help protect his country. "They don't want to be the police of the world, I understand that."

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