Secure your pickup truck tailgate by backing into your driveway

At least six victims in Boca Raton area in 10 days

BOCA RATON, Fla. - An unpleasant surprise greeted Susan Remondini when she left home for work Thursday.

"I came around, I know I didn't put the tailgate down, and it was gone, " said Susan.

The heavy duty door can be worth up to four-thousand dollars.

Her mechanic says she is one of half a dozen pickup truck drivers near the Broward-Palm Beach County line who've been victimized this month.

"I was very shocked to find out this was going on, " said Susan.

Mechanic Doug Parlamento says someone can make off with your tailgate in fewer than 30 seconds.

"They're easy to take off and put on, with no tools you can have a tailgate removed and replaced just like that, " said Doug.

Backing it into your driveway at home, is one way to secure it.

"See this notch, it's off center. I have to open it a bit, not there or there, but about here it'll come off. So if you can keep that tailgate from here closed it's gonna be impossible to get that thing off. Thats why they say back it up to something and keep it," said Doug. 

Susan was worried the same thing might happen to one of her neighbors, so she went door to door to alert them to back in when they park.

Susan says if she would've known about the trend, she'd probably still have her tailgate.

'Right now we're helping the criminals by not communicating and not talking to each other," said Susan.

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