People in one neighborhood in Boca Raton don't want a Spring Training complex nearby

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The debate about where to build a Baseball Spring Training Complex in Palm Beach County rages on.

Palm Beach Gardens asked the county to consider other sites for the Houston Astros and Toronto Blue Jays.

The idea for a Spring Training site in Boca has come up, but some neighbors don't want a facility in their backyard.

"I walk my dog here everyday, so to have to find another scenic place to walk because of a Spring training facility would not be good," Boca resident Rich Kasser said.

Kasser lives at Centra Townhomes which is across the lake from one of the sites that has come up in discussions about a complex.

The proposed site is next to the Boca Library on Spanish River Boulevard west of Interstate 95.

"My biggest worry is definitely lights, noise, and traffic," Kasser said.

Boca Developer Glenn Gromann is one of the businessmen who came up with the idea and alerted city leaders.

"It would be a really good economic driver for the city. It would also bring visitors and baseball fans," Gromann told WPTV.

Other residents like Michael Diamond, who also lives in Centra Townhomes, feel concerned.

"I enjoy baseball and I enjoy going to baseball games, just not in my backyard," Diamond said.

Diamond worries about property values, his lake view, and the congestion.\

"I just can't imagine that this is the best location in Boca. I don't really know where people would park. This is a residential area," Diamond said.

Spring Training is just an idea at this point. The Boca Vice Mayor is asking the city staff to look into it next month.

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