Penn swim team in South Florida for practice during brutal storm

Swimmers trade shovels for sandals

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Early morning practice may not be what college students want to do over winter break. But it sure beats what their friends and families are doing back home.

"It's a high of 12 and a low of -12, 100% chance of snow, they're supposed to get 2 feet it's wild," said Christina Hurley, a swimmer on the University of Pennsylvania swim team.

"I called home last night and my wife and son are shoveling a foot of snow off our driveway. I'm much happier to be down here, our whole team is too," said head coach Mike Schnur.

A winter blast blanketed Philadelphia neighborhoods with upwards of seven inches of snow, and there's more to come. People are trudging through it and if they can, staying indoors.

"They're a little jealous of me. I'd probably have three more layers on and hats and gloves and be inside right now," said swimmer Jimmy Jameson.

It's not all about the bragging though. Coach Mike says the 10 day stretch helps the team focus and improve. 

"It's a lot more fun to come down here and swim in the sun for 10 days then to be on campus when everyone is gone and its miserable. It's a great bonding experience to come down here and we get work done," said Schnur.

Get work done and avoid the brutal temperatures and snowfall while they can. 

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