Parents want answers about why school bus malfunctioned on third day of school

Mother says questions to district were unanswered

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Parents eagerly awaited the bus their kids were riding home from school on Friday. Especially after Wednesday's bus ride ended in panic.

Julia Hanapole doesn't understand how the malfunction happened.

"Here it is four days into the school year and we're having problems? They should be in good shape, I think corners are being cut," said Hanapole.

Hanapole's daughter was on the bus about 30 minutes before it reportedly locked up and sailed westbound into eastbound lanes of traffic on Glades Road. 

NewsChannel 5 got ahold of the last three months of inspection reports on the bus in question. The report shows in June the brake equipment needed repair. It appears it was completed and signed off by a technician.

Hanapole says she's trying to get answers from the school district and says she's turned up empty.

"I went as high as I could and I got nothing. They weren't talking, they weren't giving any information," said Hanapole.

The school district says the investigation into the cause of the malfunction is ongoing. They say the driver is back at work, but not behind the wheel. A substitute driver has taken over the route for now.

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